As a product of our public schools, Chaz recognizes that his success has been the direct result of the quality education he received right here in North Carolina. There are many other students who also have the talent and ability to lead transformative lives. Therefore, it is crucial that we invest in our children’s education, equipping them to meet their potential.

Still, our schools are facing unprecedented challenges.  Schools are being asked to do more and more with fewer resources.  Pay for our teachers continues to be among the lowest in the country.  And, short-term decision-making in the General Assembly fails to recognize that many students are in our public schools for a decade or more.

Now is the time to make education a real priority – not just in words, but in action.

We can accomplish this by:

  • Paying our teachers what they deserve Our teachers are underpaid – period. Therefore, we must ensure salaries for North Carolina’s teachers exceed the national average and are the highest in the South within five years. Only with such an ambitious goal will we properly acknowledge the invaluable impact teachers have on future generations.
  • Providing our students with a real-world education It’s crucial that our kids receive a versatile education that prepares them for adulthood. For this reason, Chaz successfully passed a law that created a comprehensive financial literacy education program for our high schools, enabling our young people to make wise decisions with their money. An education that prepares our students for everyday life will empower them as they enter the real world.
  • Keeping education affordable, from pre-K to college A quality, affordable education is a crucial element of our state’s success – even our state Constitution stresses its importance. However, many early childhood education options continue to be prohibitively expensive for families, and many students graduate from our state colleges with huge amounts of debt. From childhood to college and beyond, every child should be able to explore their talents through a public education that won’t break the bank.


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