We’ve got a strong economy here in North Carolina. It’s made us a place that attracts people from all over the nation – and the world.

Still, as our economy continues to grow, we’ve got to make sure that everyone in our state has the chance to participate in that success. From the rural communities where Chaz was raised to the urban and suburban areas he now represents in the General Assembly, every North Carolinian has something to contribute.

Chaz is running for Lieutenant Governor because we need to build an economy that works for everyone.

We can do this by:

  • Expanding Well-Paying Jobs – North Carolinians value work. Similarly, we should value our people by ensuring that economic growth leads to thriving businesses that create well-paying jobs. This includes marketing our state worldwide to attract new jobs while raising our minimum wage in an economically-beneficial way.
  • Supporting Small Business – From family farmers to shop owners, small business continues to be a major driver of our economic growth. Our state should ensure that these small businesses receive the support they deserve at a statewide level.
  • Creating Opportunities Statewide – Economic success is not a zero sum game – all of North Carolina, whether rural, urban, or suburban, can succeed in a growing economy. We can create opportunities for every North Carolinian, regardless of where they live, by reinforcing regional strategies and broad approaches to growth. Only by big-picture thinking regarding our growth strategies will our economy work for everyone.


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