BLADEN COUNTY, N.C. – In his first public appearance since the election fraud investigation launched into the District 9 congressional race, Dan McCready called this “the fight for our democracy.”

In his brief remarks, McCready said this investigation not only impacts Bladen County, but the entire country.

Holding signs saying “NC09 deserves better” and “thou shall not steal elections,” dozens of people rallied at Elizabethtown Middle School on Saturday, calling for a fair election in the 9th Congressional District.

For three hours, local and statewide Democratic leaders spoke out in support of McCready and the state board of elections’ investigation into possible election fraud.

“Complete the investigation, have a new election and count every vote,” Democratic Rep. Chaz Beasley said.

In his address to the crowd, McCready said he recently spoke to civil rights hero and U.S. Rep. John Lewis, of Georgia.

He said Lewis told him what happened in Bladen County was a disease that could impact the entire country.

“There’s only one way to cure that disease, folks, and that’s by speaking out for justice,” McCready said.

Officials said the rally was designed to engage and empower voters to support the completion of the state board of elections investigation into Republican election fraud efforts in District 9.

“We need to get to the bottom of this Republican electoral fraud scheme, and that includes hearing from the people of Bladen County who were the most hurt by Mark Harris’ campaign,” North Carolina Democratic Chairman Wayne Goodwin said.

“What is more American than demanding fair elections for every North Carolina voter?” NCDP 9th Congressional District Chair Cynthia L. Wallace asked. “This rally will provide an opportunity for the voices to be heard from North Carolinians who believe voters deserve to have full confidence in our election process in NC.”

In the coming days, the state board of elections is expected to set a date for the evidentiary hearing.

After that hearing, the board can make the decision whether to certify Harris or order a new election.


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