North Carolina is a growing state that stretches from the mountains to the sea. We’re an attractive destination for tourists and new residents alike.

Still, growth brings its challenges – and our transportation system has fallen behind. In order to sustain growth and provide excellent quality-of-life, we need to build infrastructure that prepares us for the future.

We can develop a world-class transportation network by:

  • Expanding Our Transportation Options – From bike lanes to high-speed rail, North Carolinians are demanding access to a greater variety of ways to get around. Many of these new methods are cost-effective, efficient, and economically beneficial. We should continue to be innovative in areas like mass transit while avoiding the pitfalls of projects like the privatized, monopolistic I-77 tolls. By embracing new but smart options, we can be at the forefront of the future.
  • Maintaining Our Existing Infrastructure – As we continue to invest in new transportation options, we must ensure that our existing transportation network remains up-to-date. Gridlocked roads, crumbling bridges, and project delays are unacceptable in a growing state like ours. We must make it a priority to ensure that our entire network, whether in rural or urban areas, remains responsive to our state’s needs – and has the funding necessary to remain so.
  • Supporting the Flow of Commerce – As the grandson of a truck driver, Chaz understands how important the flow of goods and services is for our economy’s rural and urban areas alike. We must maintain our competitive advantage by ensuring that our commercial shipping methods, from airports and seaports to rail and trucking, remain state-of-the-art.


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